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A Little About Us

Valorie Ropes

For 14 years, Catalyst Fitness has been Georgia’s one and only medically recognized Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training Facility. Our team of veteran personal trainers hold many local, national and international awards.

We are dedicated to transforming lives and revolutionizing the health and fitness industry by providing unprecedented success through our unique scientific approach to fitness. Catalyst Fitness offers the most knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainers in Atlanta, who all hold degrees and multiple certifications and/or advanced specializations through the six most reputable and accredited personal training organizations (ACE, NASM, PTA Global, NSCA, ACSM, and AFPA).

Trainers That C.A.R.E.

At Catalyst Fitness our team is here for you and ready to help guide you on your path to a better you. Click here to learn how we define the acronym C.A.R.E.

Flexible Hours

Small Group Training:

6 AM-12 PM, 5 PM-7 PM
Friday: 6 AM-12 PM
Saturday: 9 AM-12 PM


Bill Instructing

Small Group Training

Unlike other facilities whose classes start on the hour, your Small Group Personal Training on Demand session begins when you arrive and ends when you complete the workout. Our talented…

Personal Training

The rates for One-on-One Personal Training range from $125-$175 per session depending on the trainer you are working with. Sessions last 55-60 minutes in length…

Corporate Wellness

As the winner of the 2017 Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Healthiest Employer Award, Catalyst Fitness knows the value and importance of Corporate Wellness. People breathe life and value into your company.…

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Private Jiu Jitsu Instruction (Gi and No-Gi) is available by appointment with Coach Bill Sonnemaker. Bill is a Black Belt under Professor Fabio Costa…

We Train the Trainers

For the past 20 years, we have been teaching clinics, speaking at conferences, working with equipment manufactures, and helping trainers around the world enhance their skill set to meet the…

We Have Plans to Meet Your Needs

From results-blasting Atlanta’s personal training to contract-free, drop-in training, Catalyst Fitness has the program and price that is perfect for you.

  • $300-350


  • Monday through Saturday
  • 3-6 People Per Trainer
  • Unlimited Use
  • Monday-Thursday:
    6 AM-12 PM, 5 PM-7 PM
  • Friday: 6 AM-12 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM-12 PM
  • $125-175


  • Monday through Saturday
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Personalized for You
  • Quick Results
  • $45-50


  • Monday through Saturday
  • 3-6 People Per Trainer
  • No Contract
  • Variety of Classes

Meet the Team

Since 2004 Catalyst Fitness has been serving the needs of Metro-Atlanta run by Valorie Ness-Sonnemaker, B.S., CES, CPT and Bill Sonnemaker M.S., PES, CES, CSCS. Valorie and Bill are both internationally sought after personal trainers and educators. Their work and contributions to the health and fitness industry span the globe and reach every continent. Click here to join the team.

Bill Sonnemaker


Bill is an internationally sought after exercise physiologist, speaker and author. Specializing in applied biomechanics and human movement.

Valorie Sonnemaker


Valorie is PFP’s 2013 Trainer of the Year, a fitness model and mother of two. She loves helping people work through their physical challenges.

Kim Tanaka

Personal Trainer

Kim is a purveyor of positivity who believes that exercising can be a key to happiness for anyone. She employs this outlook to motivate you and help you reach your unique goals.

Chris Kendrick

Chief Performance Officer

A firm believer that movement is medicine, Chris combines his scientific knowledge along with a creative mind to help his clients achieve their goals.

What Our Clients Say…

We have given Bill some real challenges, but he never gives up on us, keeps us motivated, and makes working out real fun! It has now been 20 weeks at Catalyst and we are looking and feeling so much better. We no longer move slowly out of bed in the mornings, or lose our breath going up stairs. Bill not only works with us on exercise, but he is also very serious about nutrition – he encourages us to write down what we eat so he can teach us how to eat properly to feel healthy and lose weight. We now look forward to working out, we have the energy and motivation to eat healthier meals and find other things to do besides watching TV and eating ice cream.  Thanks Bill!

Dave and Carrie Nieman

It was clear from the first time we met that Bill cared as much for my health and well-being as he did for the professional athletes that he trains. I was still scared, but trusted that I was in good hands; and I was. I love feeling years younger than my age. I love fitting into the smallest size I’ve ever worn. I love the freedom of being able to do anything in life that I choose.

Pat Lamar

I first came to Jake in 2008 after a former trainer moved away.  I was a casual gym-goer and just went once in a while.  In 2011, just before the birth of my daughter, a full 14 years younger than my first, I decided to get serious about working out and changing my body and my health for the long term.  Weighing in at 208 with 20% body fat (even with my casual workout schedule I was down from 28%), Jake helped me develop a long term plan including workout and nutritional goals and roadmaps aimed at getting me there.  In  6 months I was down 40 pounds, weighing 167 with 11% body fat.  We continued to adjust my plan, and now I’m at 175 & 8.5% and feeling great.  Jake really listened to my goals before helping me put together a plan and we worked together to get there.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I couldn’t have done it without Jake.

Connor Christian

My name is Fabio Costa, and I am a 2nd degree black-belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr., founder of Gracie Barra. Gracie Barra is the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu association in the world. I have been training, competing, and instructing students for over thirteen years. Over the course of my years in Jiu Jitsu, I have met many great coaches and trainers. However, Bill Sonnemaker, MS is one of the finest trainers I have ever worked with. He has been a huge asset to my students and my fighters by helping them reach theri physical and mental potential through his evidence based system of training. His methods of fitness and performance training come second to none. There is a reason why Bill Sonnemaker, MS is consistently consistently considered to be Atlanta’s number one personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. We are very happy to have him as part of the Gracie Barra Georgia family.

Fabio C.Head Instructor of Gracie Barra GeorgiaGracie Barra Acworth

When I finally decided it was time to get back in shape, I visited 6 different fitness centers before deciding on Catalyst Fitness. Within the first few minutes of speaking with Bill Sonnemaker, I knew this was the place for me. Unlike the other centers I visited, where I was simply given a tour of the facilities and told the price and commitment length of their contracts, Bill and I simply discussed ME. He asked me my goals, my expectations, and he took the time to question me on my fitness background, eating habits, and lifestyle. He explained to me that science and nutrition forms the foundation of everything they do and teach at Catalyst Fitness. He offered to design a program to fit my unique goals and would work with me to make sure I reached my goals. There was no pressure, and we would take things at a speed that I was comfortable with. This was so different from the other facilities I joined, where there was a huge amount of pressure to sign a long-term contract.

Within my first 60 days of working with the team at Catalyst Fitness, I lost over 20 pounds, reduced my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and my body measurements! My energy level has increased, and I find myself more focused in other areas of my life. The Catalyst Fitness staff has designed a workout routine for me, helped with my diet and nutritional needs, and taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, each trainer I work with explains to me the benefits of each exercise we perform, and how to perform them properly.

While exercising and getting in shape is challenging, I look forward to each session more and more because I can see the results that are coming from the hard work that my trainers and I are putting in. They want me to succeed as much as I want to succeed and that makes me want to work even harder.

Jared K.

Catalyst Fitness is more that a cut above. First Class service is the embodiment of their attitude. You are their focus. I have learned more and achieved more in one year of consistent training with Bill Sonnemaker and his team than I did in 4 years of training with another organization.

They ask you what your goals are, and then guide you on a course to achieve them. No aspect is overlooked. They are interested in your whole body development. They take a scientific approach and back it up with measured results. They are also on the forefront in fitness by a commitment to continuing education and training. Their participation in the most respected fitness trade affiliations also proves their commitment to the industry and lends credibility to their name. I highly recommend them and believe you will be completely satisfied.

Ed H.

Catalyst Fitness is amazing. Bill Sonnemaker and the entire staff provide such a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. I started training at Catalyst Fitness to get in shape for my wedding – I got a whole lot more than I bargained for. Not only have I gotten fit in time for my wedding, I have also gained a new appreciation and love for exercise as a life-long practice.

The fitness plan that Bill Sonnemaker designed for me is completely tailored to my goals and takes into account my specific body type. Bill educates me continuously about resistance training, aerobic exercise, and nutrition. Every workout is designed ahead of time to keep me constantly challenged. I am never bored during my workouts.

Most importantly, I feel comfortable training at Catalyst Fitness. The staff is accepting and encouraging of everyone, regardless of their fitness level. They take you from where you are now and work from there.

Because I have had such a positive experience at Catalyst Fitness over the past 6 months, my fiance and I have decided to begin training together with Bill after our wedding!

Anna W.

Dave and I had gradually become comfortable married people. We used to exercise regularly, but as we aged we became content with TV and ice cream most evenings. Dave had met Bill and was very impressed with his knowledge and motivation to get people in shape. We had gained enough weight to start feeling bad physically and mentally and needed to do something; and we also knew better than to start a fad diet. We toured Catalyst Fitness, met the staff, and got very motivated. Being in our middle 40’s we were skeptical about getting back our strength and having lots of energy, but we decided to give it a 6 month try. We have given Bill some real challenges, but he never gives up on us, keeps us motivated, and makes working out real fun! It has now been 20 weeks at Catalyst and we are looking and feeling so much better. We no longer move slowly out of bed in the mornings, or lose our breath going up stairs. Bill not only works with us on exercise, but he is also very serious about nutrition—he encourages us to write down what we eat so he can teach us how to eat properly to feel healthy and lose weight. We now look forward to working out, we have the energy and motivation to eat healthier meals and find other things to do besides watching TV and eating ice cream. Thanks Bill!

Dave & Carrie N.

I was 63 years old when I started at Catalyst Fitness. I thought I was in pretty good shape – I was wrong! I will be 65 this summer. In the two years working with the Catalyst Fitness program, I have gained stamina, strength, and muscle tone I wish I’d had at 35. It is amazing the confidence I’ve gained.

Lucinda W.

Over the last ten years, I have struggled to maintain my fitness level. Working out on my own or with a personal trainer, I would begin to make progress only to sustain an injury. It seemed that I was always starting over from scratch, as I tried to recover from the different injuries.

I have been training with Bill for 7 months. Under Bill’s expert guidance, I have made significant improvements in my fitness level. I am truly amazed that I have been able to train at a level that I could, all without any injuries. I heartily recommend Bill and Catalyst Fitness to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness level. The morning core routine is worth the price of admission on its own.

Anthony M.

After many, many failed attempts to implement an exercise routine into my busy life, I turned to Catalyst Fitness, and I could not have made a better decision regarding my health. I never used to enjoy working out, but Bill manages to make each workout different, interesting, and challenging… even fun. I receive a lot of personal attention and support at Catalyst Fitness, both from the training staff and the other gym members. Every time I visit, I know I can expect a friendly smile, a lot of encouragement, and an excellent exercise experience.

Allison G.

Strength, flexibility, balance, endurance; these are all some of the goals I set when first starting to work with the Catalyst Fitness training team. Amazingly enough, the results I’ve gotten at Catalyst Fitness encompass all of my own goals. Strength: everyone I’ve worked with has proven extremely knowledgeable and demonstrated an amazing strength of character. Flexibility: Working with my insane work habits and frequent changes to my schedule, they’ve been able to accommodate my requirements while maintaining consistent direction for my training. Balance: Incorporating many different types of exercise has helped me to stay focused and interested during every session, even on those days when I’d rather just head straight home. Endurance: Long-term commitment and attention to detail are critical to successfully achieving overall better health. I’ve witnessed that from the entire staff, and I feel welcome every time I walk in the door. I have recommended these folks to anyone who asks, and I will continue to do so.

Jenn W.

I was 57 years old when my son persuaded me to go meet with a fitness professional. I went for a consultation and decided to try working out. When I first started, I could not touch my fingers to the floor. We worked on flexibility, balance, and strength. With the exercise and nutritional guidance, I started losing weight, and I had more energy and better balance. I have a very busy schedule with teaching and running a home, but I make the time to go workout. I enjoy the trainers at Catalyst Fitness and I like the small group feeling. I’ve met some wonderful people and we keep each other accountable for working out and doing cardio.

Paula L.

Catalyst Fitness was pinnacle in helping me get back into shape, keeping me motivated, and seeing (and feeling) results! I noticed that we didn’t move on to another exercise until my body was ready. They explained in simple detail every exercise we performed. I felt very safe (even through the most challenging exercises) due to Bill’s scientific knowledge of how the body works. I never thought my Anglo-Saxon legs could be defined, but under Bill’s keen eye and instruction, I could see the muscle tone in my legs. I now see Catalyst Fitness as a partner in health and fitness in my life, for life!

Lauren L.

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Health and Fitness Professionals

Roll Calf

Revo2lution Running Certification

REVO2LUTION RUNNING™ takes advantage of the world’s most popular exercise by educating fitness professionals on fundamental running-specific training principles and providing them with the required skill and expertise to train runners and teach science-based group treadmill interval workouts.

Exercise Professional Education

This 8 Hour, one day course has been developed by Greg Mack – ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist. Greg has 28 years of professional practice experience, founded Physicians Fitness, and has developed the Muscle System Specialist Certification Process.

Exam Prep Courses

NASM, PTA Global, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, and AFPA comprise the group of organizations offering the top six preeminent medically recognized and accredited certifications. Having the NASM-CPT certification will distinguish you from average trainers. These principles of fitness training are based wholly upon the sciences: functional anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, and include the most advanced and…


Bring home the expertise and insights of our Catalyst experts with one of these easy to follow and motivational products.…

Business Solutions

Catalyst Fitness is the recipient of numerous industry awards such as the 2017 Atlanta Business Chronicle Healthiest Employer Award Winner, 2013 PFP, the 2009 Kennesaw Business Association of Business of the Year, the 2007 NASM Pursuit of Excellence Award, and the coveted 2007 IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year. It is the belief and…

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